Passion for art and the desire to create is what keeps Sammy’s mind racing with ideas for her artwork. Sammy works in a variety of mediums. When viewing Sammy’s portfolio for the first time one is under the impression that the works presented are the creations of several artists. The diversity in the styles of collections however is the efforts of just her. Explosive abstract art paintings, contemporary mixed media collage art are just some of the styles you will discover when you delve into Sammy’s portfolio.

“An exceptional artist who is inspired by colour, mark making and form.

Sammy is an ‘Intellectual’ Professional Artist who approaches all her work with a huge mental analysis and therefore a wonderful vision of the work before it is created.

Sammy writes down her ‘vision’ before she starts painting. She writes wonderful essays about why she is painting a particular work. Her inspiration, her concept and her colour fields.

Hugely talented and extremely professional, Sammy is an artist to watch, to invest in and to enjoy.”

That is how Caroline Hulse FRSA, owner of The Magic Easel and JoeDaisy Studio, reacts to the work of artist Sammy Hexter-Andrews.

Sammy, an abstract painter from Hampshire in the UK, under expert tutorage from Caroline Hulse , Sammy has consolidated her knowledge and gained greater skills to expand her abilities within her craft.

In a fairly short period of time Sammy has achieved selling her original abstract paintings via Studio Sales, Contemporary Art Fairs, Online and Recommendations from clients, a base which is increasing. Some clients already own a number of pieces of Sammy’s work.

Sammy is part of The Bloomz Arthouse Collective,

Sammy’s original abstract paintings have been exhibited in London and the Home Counties.

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