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I have never before travelled to America and so was blessed to have five weeks exploring New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Boston, New England, Washington and New York for this series of work.

I have fallen in love with New Orleans. The music, the food and people were everything and more than I had imagined. From the street musicians to the music floating out on the air from the bars and restaurants New Orleans seeps into every aspect of life. The people were so warm and friendly and wanted you to enjoy their city as much as they do. “New Orleans Jazz”  Is a large piece of work which incorporates the colours associated with the city, the golds, purples and greens. The instruments are the focus because what would New Orleans be without the music? They are my muses, they are the ones telling me their story. During the day it is very laid back and easy going and at night it becomes so rich tapestry of vibrancy and colour. Never is one day or evening the same as the day before.  New Orleans is unique and I hope that special quality it has comes through my work.

Memphis,TN. When driving to Nashville you just have to stop at ‘The Home of The Blues an the Birth Place of Rock n Roll’. My sketching, photography and note taking were all in preparation for my work based on this fabulous place. If you read the crime stats it doesn’t make comfortable reading but to go an experience what the city had to offer was something else, something they find hard to put into words. The history, the people and the music. I hope you can get the vibe of my experience.

Nashville home of Country Music. Blurred eyes under Neon Lights” was a reoccurring theme in many of the bars I did my ‘research‘ in With this piece was really my visual explanation of people watching within the bars, how they mostly were strangers but all connecting through the live music playing. Watching those who had drunk that bit too much navigate themselves through the bar, or on and off their bar stools, singing as if they were part of the band, which I guess we all were as the vibe those Honky Tonks created made you feel like you are part of the experience not just watching.

Boston, Washington, New York. City views all with very different feels. Hustle and bustle of The Big Apple to the much slower more relax pace of Boston. This is what will be reflected in my work. What I saw, what I experienced and how all three places left me feeling.

Vermont, White Mountains and Cape Cod. Relaxed and calm places to gather my thoughts on all the work I will be producing in 2020. All very beautiful places and just as inspiring as each other.

So I hope you enjoy the journey through my paintings and that they stir something within you to have them hanging in your home.

Sammy xx



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