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I love Paris.

I love the people, the food, the wine , the art, I could go on and on. With my work I take hundreds of photographs to use as references/ research. Those photographs are then used to build the pieces of my work.

In ‘Through the Window’ I used my photographs of the stain glass windows in the Sacre Coeur I took inspiration from the colours of the glass and the cut glass shapes that made up the window. Rather than reproduce a painting of that window I rearranged the shapes to produce my piece.

I love people watching so will happily sit for hours enjoying this past-time with my note book in hand, glass of something on the table (depending what time of day it is!!) and conversations with my husband. Those notes and sketches I make are brought back to the studio and turned into new pieces. Some of my research I may not use straight away but I find it is best to have too much than too little.

‘Square Trees and Triangles of Paris I & II’ for me are a beautiful representation of the city, both sides of the city. With every city in the world there is the side the tourist office wants to promote and the side they would rather stay hidden.

With Paris both sides have an intriguing fascination for me as an artist and visitor to the city.                                                                                                  I wanted to give you a comparison of the two sides of the city, the more gritty urban side, where you would not want to lose your way in after dark and the almost ‘bubble gum pop’ side which is the image many carry in their heads, the glitz and glamour of Paris with the fashion, the wealth, the beautiful people.

The two artworks I have produced are the same but seen from different perspectives; the tourist and wealthy residents compared to the people trying to scrape by on very little living in the areas that travel guides tell you not to go after dark, the wealth divide continues to become bigger and bigger. This is happening in all cities not just Paris.

I look forward to travelling back to Paris to continue educating myself about the city, to add to my research and to paint. For me, one of the most beautiful cities I have had the pleasure to visit and very grateful that I have been able too – Sammy xx

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