DIVE into ART Competition for September

We had the most amazing time at our Bloomz YouTube Premiere on Sunday…

I’ll be honest, I was a bit nervous, as it was my first experience of an event like this, but apart from one minor glitch at the start which was quickly rectified, it went without a hitch, and was SUCH an enjoyable couple of hours.

In the words of one person:

“When I saw the schedule, I thought it might be a bit endless watching all the videos through…
but time really flew by… it was really good fun… 
AND… I worked out the hidden phrase and entered the competition… YES…!!” 


Each video is around 11-12 minutes long, and we were all so different in what we shared, and the approach we took to our videos.

Everyone has been really generous in sharing their talents and techniques, it’s one thing I love about The Bloomz Arthouse, we are all artists supporting each other, and helping and inspiring others along the way.   I hope you enjoy the schedule that has been put together for you.

There’s still time to watch the replays, just click the YouTube links here:

The Bloomz Arthouse Collective https://youtu.be/ed756TexSNs   A short introduction to the event by Cindy.  (Watch out for Henry, who always video bombs Cindy’s videos!!)  and browse through the possible prizes up for grabs in the mega prize draw.

Cindy Porter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QiBCjMFPxL8  Cindy creates a beautiful tiger cub in golden fluid acrylics, and also explains some of her spirit guide work, and how she combines that with her animal paintings.  Watch the detail that goes into the tiger cubs eyes… spectacular!

Fiona Hooper https://youtu.be/b1Ldy7eGZLE  Watch Fiona create an amazing Cornish seascape in oils using palate knifes, she explains how she gets some of the energy and feeling of the scene into her paintings. I’m sure you’ll agree, a super talented artist.

Julie Wrathall https://youtu.be/NynVBl98r7M    Julie is one of the UK’s leading Encaustic Wax Artists and her work is incredible. She creates portraits, landscapes and abstract pieces out of molten wax. Her imagination knows no bounds. Her work is intuitive, ethereal and out and out beautiful. In Julie’s video she created a natural encaustic layered piece, using R&F Pigment sticks, PanPastels, dried flowers and grasses, embedded within multiple layers of encaustic medium.

Elisa Colangeli https://youtu.be/qBsDig3IV8s  Transport yourself to Italy, and listen to Elisa’s emotive story and discovery of art and intuitive painting.  I can relate so strongly to parts of her story, and I love how Elisa is now guiding women to discover themselves, embrace imperfection, and move from blank canvas to the deepest layers of their souls using the medium of art.

Stephanie Lester https://youtu.be/xKphtx9zR1I    Watch Stephanie sharing her amazing needle felted Garden of Eden… including a silver hoofed Pegasus, the cutest Meercat, a Puffin, a Kestrel with 300 hand made feathers, and a Pangolin, with 400 scales… WOW!  She also shows you how she creates the skeletal structure of her pieces, and then creates an incredible needle felted tiger!

Steve Brookes https://youtu.be/Xy-kGDgnbE4    Steve creates wacky lamps out of plumbing pipework… yes, you read that right!  Discover some amazing illuminated likenesses; from Darth Vader to Freddie Mercury, and many others…  In this video, Steve creates a golfer, in full swing, driving off the tee (including handmade, to scale, driver and golf ball.. of course…)  Watch as he shares his process from cleaning the fittings, wiring up the lamp, adding the touch sensor, and other finishing touches… fascinating!

Mac McGregor https://youtu.be/0LWw2yE59RE    Artist and soul guide, Mac explains her jaw dropping reason for creating art with gum; her journey since being bed bound.  At one point, unable to chew or brush her hair.  She created pieces ‘airworks’ in her mind, which in time, came into form.  A very thought provoking and meditative video, reflecting a remarkable journey.

Sammy Hexter-Andrews https://youtu.be/DjyyIdRGbYY    So what about me….Well I chose to explain what goes into my creative process before ever beginning to put paint onto a canvas, the planning that takes place, and the use of the “six W’s”  that make up the narrative of my abstract pieces… so welcome to my abstract world.

I hope you enjoy watching the replays of our Premiere event…  Don’t forget you have until midnight on Sunday 18th September UK time, to enter the competition to win £50 and £400 prizes, watch the videos, collect the hidden words, and enter.


Full details can be found on in each of the video descriptions, and here: https://thebloomz.co.uk/dive_into_art.html

So go one enter as you have nothing to loose but everything to gain,

With love always




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