New studio for May….

Hello from a sunny Cornwall. The sun is shining through all the windows as I sit in the dining room, well the room we are using at the moment as it is all change at The Old School. Yep you’ve guest it I have been moved once again and my studio now resides in the headmasters office and I believe I will be there until my studio is built, or should I say what was the old school outside toilets being converted into a working studio for me. I am not complaining as it is a beautiful room with double aspect windows so plenty of natural light to work in. That will be one of the last rooms we decorate, once I can move into my studio.

Moving to Cornwall has been a big change but a very positive change and I am hoping that will be reflected within my work as start to create my new series, ‘Heroes’.

Though the essays have already been written, just being here has caused me to review and edit those essays. But this does not phase me, as it is all part of my process before I put paint to canvas. I need to be able to write all my thoughts and feelings down towards each piece. I have to investigate and interrogate all that I write to enable me to create the best art for you, my viewers, my collector, my critics and for me.

Pablo Picasso said “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working” I love that because it is so true. We can all sit around waiting for the next amazing idea but if you pick up your tools and use them the flow of ideas follow. Not all will make it to completion but the practice and trying to see what works and what doesn’t makes the finished piece more beautiful. So why not join me on my journey of discovery and see how this all pans out. Or why not start your own journey of discovering your creative side, join me and my fellow Bloomz artists on The Bloomz on Tour. Each month a member will set a challenge using their art form for us to create a piece of art. So you can get all the information from The Bloomz website and YouTube channel, again links on the website


So I will carry on working on my new piece, the one on the easel, and aim to finish the older piece from another series of work that I started just before I had to pack up my studio.

Take care – Sammy




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