June is bustin’ out all over….

Oh isn’t it lovely when the sun is shining. I know when things within the world or my life aren’t so great, the sun will come up every day and give me the opportunity to have a day that will never be repeated again. No matter how similar it may feel to the day before it is new, refreshed and waiting for me to make the most of it.

I have not long been back from a short trip to Spain to spend time with family and that was just what I needed to recharge my batteries. I still haven’t moved, my studio is still all packed up in boxes and my writing books are being filled daily with essays, sketches and ideas for future works. So basically I haven’t painted for a very long time now but I am still being creating. I am very hopeful that the move will happen by August. It has been such a long process but all is moving, slowly, but moving.

I have written a series of essays, which I will be painting as soon as we have moved, about Heroes.  Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and I am hoping that this new body of work will illustrate that and give you different view points to think about, agree with or challenge. I am using news stories, poetry, music, factual and fictitious characters within the pieces. They will be a mix of painted acrylic pieces and mixed media pieces. I do hope that they resonate with you. I am very excited to start these pieces and share their progress with you all.

Within THE BLOOMZ we are all very busy with our own works and a joint piece of work that is in production but I am keeping ‘hush’ about that fir the time being, but as soon as I can tell you all I will. We will be having another ‘Dive into Art’ event towards the end of the year but please do keep in contact with us via The Bloomz Instagram page http://www.instagram.com/thebloomzarthouse


So I hope that the Summer months are going to be great for you, giving you a chance to catch up with friends, enjoy the sunshine and find some peace amongst all the noise.

See you next month and I so hope I have positive moving news to share and a bit more about my ‘Heroes’ series.

Take care ~ Sammy

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