May 2023 So many changes…….

Hi there, Sammy here,

I am so so sorry that I haven’t updated my blog in such a long while. There has been so much going on for me and my family.

In February of this year my Mum passed away very unexpectedly after a short illness and it was a big shock to all the family. I won’t go into details but a huge hole has been left in all our hearts to say the least.

We should have moved house last year but again due to unforeseen circumstances that did not happen but we are still in the process of moving and waiting for things to happen. Because of this I have been unable to work out of my studio as it is all packed up ready to move as soon as we get the thumbs up. So they say the most stressful things are the death of a loved one and moving house , well it looks like I got a double whammy!

I will be setting up my new studio in the beautiful county of Cornwall and I cannot wait to take you all on that journey with me. I have so many ideas for new pieces of work that I have continued to write and draw while not being able to paint in the studio. I cannot wait to see all that Cornwall will share with me and inspire my artwork.

So at the end of April we had The Bloomz International Arthouse Collective Online Art Show. That was amazing and so lovely to meet new people from around the world. If you missed this years event then get this date in your diary for next year Friday 10th, Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th May 2024.

UPDATE of ARTWORK – I have been having difficulties updating the website with new original artwork but I hope to have that all rectified soon but please do go to my social media pages to see my work, show-reels etc and contact me for any pieces that you would like to purchase.

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