June, July and August, so late SO SORRY

Oh my goodness I cannot believe that I have forgotten to update my blog with a simple monthly post!

Do accept my apologies but a lot has been going on here in one way or another. So what has been happening? Well let me do a quick recap for you all.

June – I truly do not know where that month went but I was busy painting and filming interviews for my Conversation With series as well as The Bloomz international Arthouse Artists of the Month which I was the AotM for June. You can see the interviews on my YouTube channel and on my Instagram page. For Artist of the Month do take a look at The Bloomz Instagram page and YouTube channel.

July – This month saw me celebrate time with family and friends as my sister arrived from Australia with my niece. Celebrating 30th wedding anniversary, though two years late due to Covid. Finishing off pieces of my original art and the continuation of writing essays for future pieces of work. I also debuted my very first Book Cover commission (see photo)

August – Ok almost up to date. I have taken some time off, out from the studio to focus on other matters. I am in the process of selling my house and buying a new one which will eventually give me a larger studio space (which is one of the reasons for the move). I am hoping that I will document that part of my journey here and on my Instagram page but I will let you know once all is signed and sealed. The Bloomz International Arthouse are having a fantastic event happening on YouTube, we are going to be doing a LIVE Premiere where you will have the opportunity to WIN £400.00 Bloomz voucher to spend on a piece of art from one of 8 artists or using that voucher to put towards a more expensive piece. Also you have the opportunity to win a £50.00 voucher from any of the 8 artists to put towards a piece of their work or course that they may have on offer. So how do you do get involved. Sign up to The Bloomz Dive into Art event to join on Sunday 11th September at 3pm or to watch the replays up to 18th September when the winners will be drawn from the hat. http://www.thebloomz.co.uk/dive_into_art.html for your entry form. So if you want to win then as they say it you need to be In It to Win it. Another date for your diary, is September 23rd, 24th and 25th for the Surrey Contemporary Art Fair at Sandown Racecourse, Esher in the UK. I will be having a stand displaying my artwork. Come to stand 131 and hear the story behind the pieces, how I have created them and have the opportunity to purchase a piece of my original art. All my art is a one off piece not used on promotional items or prints of my work made. I love the fact that each piece belongs to only one person who has not only invested their money into my work but into me as an artist.

Well I think that it is for this month and I will be back in September to update you on what is going on, whats happened and posting the winner of The Bloomz Dive into Art £400.00 and my £50.00 vouchers.

Have a great rest of the month – Sammy

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