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Hi, how are you doing? I hope January ended well for you all. Is February is going in the right direction? If not I surely do hope that there is a resolution to the situation you find yourself today.

So you may have already seen that I have started a new series of weekly Instagram LIVES. The idea behind these lives is to share with you all other creative people that I follow and inspire me with their work, their process and also their back story to what has brought them to where they are now. I hope that you find my guests as interesting as I do and that you feel inspired by them also.

So who will be my guests; I have creatives from a number of different fields but the common thread is that they all are wanting to complete their work with a creative eye that will draw you in and show you another viewpoint. You will be meeting and getting to know a Creative Mentor, a Fashion Designer, a Museum Curator, a Drag Queen, a Drag King, a Children’s Author and Illustrator, an Illuminator, Pod Castor, Gallery Owner, Patisserie Chef, Abstract artists, Mosaic Artist, Personal Coach and Musicians.

I have completed three episodes already that are posted on my social media pages. You will see them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. They will be mostly Live but some, due to the time differences or work schedule, will be prerecorded.

The series is called Conversation With….. and every Wednesday at 11am I will be Live on my Instagram page. At the moment it will run until the end of May, if you are enjoying it I will think about bringing it back with new guests. I am also wanting to bring you into my studio world. Sharing with you what I have been creating, working on, as well as my process and what I do before I put paint to canvas. I hope you will find it interesting and give you an insight in to the working mind of me as an visual abstract artist. Please do come along and join me live or watch at your leisure on replay, truly you won’t be disappointed.

I am in full swing of creating my series of work for debut at The Bloomz International Arthouse Collective Online Art Show which is 29th & 30th April. The series is call LOVE & JOY. It isn’t just about ‘romantic love’ but all types of love shown. Again there will be a range of different styles of art, from mixed media pieces to typography art and all sorts in between. I have been posting in progress shots on my social media pages but will leave the finished pieces until the show then will post my show-reel after the first show.

Talking of The Bloomz, we are now on our second Artist of the Month, Julie Wrathall, who is an Encaustic Wax Artist. So please do check out The Bloomz Instagram page to see her work and the introduction interview that I hosted with Julie. Julie is the UK leading Encaustic Wax  Artist and her work is amazing.

Well I think that is me for this month, please do sign up to my newsletter where you will receive the first look at my new work before anyone else. I won’t bombard you with emails, maybe once a month if that to be honest.

Take care, with love – Sammy xx

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